A journey into your child's imagination using a creative approach with original,
immersive storytelling followed by sensory and messy play

Summer special session August 22nd 10am and 11am

The next term will start again on Tuesday 5th September


Location and Day/Times of Sessions

Imagination Baby United Reformed Church

Corner of Palatine Road and Parkfield Road South
West Didsbury
ManchesterM20 6DA
07906 784059

Classes are on Tuesdays at 10 am, 11am  and 12pm  and run for 45 minutes per session.
SUMMER SESSION 22nd AUGUST     10 and 11am
Next term begins Tuesday 5th September
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Sensory Play

A journey into your chid's imagination using original immersive stories and sensory and messy play. Devised and run by an early years primary school teacher. Each week there is a different story, theme and colour scheme which provide an enormous amount of stimuli.  The sensory play includes specially chosen  objects and materials to explore different textures and surfaces and encourages them to be curious. There is also a different den for each story which includes lights.

Messy Play

There is a different messy play option each week including spaghetti, cornflour gloop, and jelly. 
There are always tools to encourage mark making too which is a building block towards writing. Babies can mash and spoon and poke away.




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